Sabian HH 20'' Rock Ride Cymbal, Natural Finish

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  • Provides A Powerful High-end Cut Combined With A Bright Bell For A Loud Penetrating Ride Cymbal
  • Hand Hammered Cymbal Creating The Ultimate Vintage Dark Tones
  • Individually Crafted, Shaping The Cymbal And It's Sound
  • Popular Choice For Jazz, Rock, The Blues And Beyond
  • Completed In A Natural Finish

Sabian HH 20'' Rock Ride Cymbal, Natural Finish


The Sabian HH Rock Ride cymbal has a powerful high-end cut and warm tone combined with a bright bell, for a loud, penetrating ride with character.The HH Series offers the ultimate in vintage dark sounds. Individually hand crafted, each cymbal has a unique personality that lets you find your own one-of-a-kind sound in a selection of models for every style, from jazz to rock.

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With the Vintage Dark tone of the HH a popular choice for Jazz, Rock, the Blues and beyond, the most popular models are those that offer the most versatility. HH is a traditional concept, so tradition, not innovation is what makes this such a popular choice. These models highlight the sounds drummers around the world - playing styles - have made their favourite

Hammering shapes the cymbal and its sound, with each blow increasing the tonal richness and complexity of that sound.


  • Style: Vintage
  • Sound: Vintage Dark
  • Metal: B20 Bronze
  • Pitch: Level 1
  • Finish: Natural
  • Weight: Heavy

"When I'm playing the big gigs, I play really, really hard, but I don't want metallic, I don't want brash. With HH that vintage dark sound is always there and always warm" - Chester Thompson

"It's very musical, very special. I've played HH for years, for funk, jazz, rock, everything in the studio, on stage, everywhere" - Steve Ferrone