Sabian HHX 18'' Chinese Cymbal, Brilliant Finish

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  • Delivers Simmering Dark Tones At All Volumes
  • Features Sabian HHX 'Tone Projection' Hammering
  • Can Cut Through To Deliver More Modern Styles
  • Biting Attack With Raw Aggression
  • Incredibly Fast and Funky Feel When Played

Sabian HHX 18'' Chinese Cymbal, Brilliant Finish


The Sabian HHX 18'' Chinese cymbal pairs together a fiery combination of tonal heat with raw aggression. This pairing results in a cymbal that has biting attack with a incredibly fast and funky feel. Sabian HHX cymbals are dark and tonally complex, with the ability to cut through delivering more modern styles.

Product Ref: 20394

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Full Description

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All HHX series cymbals are complete with HHX 'Tone Projection'. This innovative concept combines jumbo 'tone projector' hammering and other design elements resulting in hot, simmering sounds that have the ability to project through.


  • Style: Modern
  • Sound: Dark
  • Weight: Thin
  • Metal: B20
  • Finish: Brilliant