DISC FXpansion D-CAM Synth Squad

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  • Advanced modelling technology
  • Immense sound pressure
  • Intuitive TransMod modulation

DISC FXpansion D-CAM Synth Squad


FXpansion D-CAM Synth Squad:

At the heart of D-Cam: Synth Squad are 3 modelled synthesizers, bulging with the immense weight and power of old school analogue. These are no mere emulations stunted by the limitations of the past. Instead, they combine the best features from legendary machines with new and exciting ideas

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The missing link between analogue and digital synthesis

Introducing an evolutionary step in software synthesis technology. D-Cam: Synth squad delivers the satisfaction of playing real analogue instruments. Advanced modelling technology carefully reconstructs the soul of dusty vintage circuits within your computer, for the unmatched vibe of hardware at a fraction of the cost.

Oscillators ooze immense sound pressure, amp stages can be overloaded for extra grit, and real-world chaos can be dialled into the circuit for delicious instability. These synths don't break with extreme settings, so you can abuse them just like the real thing. Meanwhile, the intuitive TransMod modulation system brings your sounds to life in new and expressive ways.

This all-in-one package consists of 3 modelled Synthesizers:

1.) STROBE: Performance synth with a cutting modern edge

Designed to be accessible to program, Strobe emits rude, up-front sounds full of frenzied energy. A thoroughly modern performance synth, Strobe's super oscillator includes several parallel waveforms and sub oscillators with individual octave settings and voice stack/detune functions for truly sick bass, lead and poly sounds.

The versatile multimode filter features rich drive for extra-thick tone, while the arpeggiator and TransMod modulation system facilitate dynamic performances full of movement and variation.

Strobe Features:

  • Single-Oscillator Performance Synth
  • Deep, Throbbing Basses
  • Ripping Analogue Leads
  • Easy To Program With Immense Power
  • Oscillator Stacking and Detuning
  • Versatile Multimode Filter With Rich Drive

2.) AMBER: Bathed in vintage psychedelia

A groundbreaking model of a string synthesizer with divide-down oscillator architecture that also features a formant filter and 3 chorus models, Amber's creamy, thick and psychedelic sound will instantly teleport you back to the 70's the moment you play a note.

Amber emulates the playing response of several classic types of string synth while offering new innovations like multiple paraphonic voices and advanced modulation for unprecedented possibilities.

Amber Features:

  • Groundbreaking string-synth Model
  • Lush, Psychedelic Pads and Strings
  • Warm Keys and Organs
  • Paraphonic Divide-Down Osillator
  • Formant Filter and Resonant Filter
  • Three Different Vintage Chorus Circuits

3.) CYPHER: Audio rate modulation monster

Cypher takes analogue fm into the future, combining the closest to analogue audio-rate modulation to date with digital luxuries like polyphony, precise frequency ratios and thru-zero behaviour for rich, musical analogue FM sounds.

3 oscillators that intermodulate in a variety of ways, dual shaper/filter stages and the TransMod modulation system make Cypher a tweaker's utopia for timbres ranging from visceral mono and poly sounds, to abstract textures and sound effects.

Cypher Features:

  • Ultra-Realistic Analogue FM Emulation
  • Complex Timbres and Special Effects
  • Analogue Richness with Digital Bite
  • Audio-Rate FM, Wave Mod and Sample/Hold
  • 3 Oscillators, 2 Filters, Poly Waveshaping
  • Ring Mod, Beat-Detune, Variable-Depth Sync


4.) FUSOR: Semi-modular sound design environment The Fusor environment lets you layer D-CAM synths and modulate them with extra LFOs, envelopes and Animator, an advanced arpeggiator/step-sequencer.

The premium quality built-in FX include circuit-modelled filters, compressors and distortions. You can even route control signals between synths and FX for complex patches drenched in the amorphous disorder of a large analogue modular. Fusor, like the individual synths, comes with an array of presets ready to explore and tweak.