Equalizers are an essential tool for any live sound engineer; they can be the key to achieving the perfect balance of frequencies for the best possible sound. An Equalizer has various applications such as eliminating unwanted sound, reducing feedback and making certain instruments stand out in the mix.

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About Signal Processors

Equalizers are used to tailor the sound from an amplifier giving more control over a sounds tone than can be achieved by using simple treble and bass controls. Equalizers can be used to compensate for acoustic characteristics of different environments and can boost or cut out various frequency bands to compensate for different room acoustics.

At Gear4music.com we have a diverse selection of signal processors ranging from 9 band graphic equalizers right up to 31 band graphic equalizers allowing custom volume control of each brand. Praised eqs such as the Behringer FBQ800 graphic equalizer provide a compact signal processing solution with its patented FBQ feedback detection system.

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