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About Acoustic Guitar Amps

For an acoustic musician it’s crucial that their guitar amp has a flat response and little coloration to the tone, providing provide maximum clarity and reproduction of the original sound. Amplifiers such as the Ibanez Troubadour and Fender Acoustasonic have become well known for their accurate reproduction. Typically, they come in combo form, featuring on board reverb and EQ controls.

Acoustic Guitar Amplifier News

Peavey to launch Ecoustic amp in European market

The company is bringing the Ecoustic E110 acoustic guitar amplifier to dealerships in Europe.... More  »

13 May 2013 12:47

NAMM 2013: New Acoustic and MiBass Ranges Launched by Ashdown (updated with video!)

Ashdown Engineering have announced a host of new products for 2013 including a range of Acoustic Amps and innovative interfaces for Bassists.... More  »

28 Jan 2013 12:02

NAMM 2012: Vox Announce New Acoustic Guitar Amps

Vox announce new acoustic guitar amps at NAMM 2012 including the AGA4-AT amp and the AGA30 amp at NAMM 2012.... More  »

19 Jan 2012 18:03