DISC Alesis DM10 High Definition Drum Module

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  • Dynamic Articulation for Realistic Playing
  • 12 Trigger Inputs
  • Premium Instrument Library with Over 1000 Sounds
  • 100 Preset Kits
  • 75 Preset Sequencer Patterns (25 User)

DISC Alesis DM10 High Definition Drum Module

The Alesis DM10 Drum Module is a compact module with dynamic articulation, built-in sequencer, top panel mixer, metronome and a variety of outputs. It can be updated via standard USB connection using your laptop or computer. With 12 trigger inputs, over 1,000 premium multi-sampled, uncompressed sounds and a built-in mixer for balancing drums this piece of kit from Alesis is a must-have for any musician or producer.

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Full Description

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The Alesis DM10 module contains true drum, cymbal and percussion sounds built from uncompressed samples of classic studio drums and prized cymbals. You'll find some of the most in-demand acoustic drum sounds from legendary drum brands, a huge arsenal of top producers' go-to snare drums, real American, Canadian, Chinese, and Turkish cymbals, and a choice selection of classic drum machine and electronic percussion sounds that have fueled the biggest hit records.

The DM10 module not only has a breathtaking collection of sounds onboard, it is also the world's first drum-sound module that enables you to load new sound sets via usb connection from your computer. This means that your sounds will always stay fresh, current and cutting edge. Its built-in sounds, performance capabilities, and flexibility give you the power you need, and the ability to update its sound set via usb places the dm10 in a class of its own.


  • 12 trigger inputs
  • Compatible with most pads, triggers, and controllers
  • Dynamic Articulation changes sounds' character along with dynamics for realism
  • Premium instrument library with over 1,000 multi-sampled, uncompressed sounds
  • Sound types:
    • Basses: 55
    • Beatbox: 55
    • Beat/drum machine: 59
    • Chinas: 13
    • Crashes: 36
    • Hi-hats: 25
    • One-hits: 349
    • Kicks: 91
    • Percussion: 151
    • Rides: 28
    • SFX: 31
    • Snares: 85
    • Toms: 69
  • 100 Preset kits
  • Sequencer patterns: 75 preset, 25 user (all patterns can be overwritten)
  • Mixer for balancing drums, cymbals, and accompaniment
  • Load sound sets and control software drum modules via USB
  • Headphone output: stereo (1x 1/4" TRS)
  • Play along with tracks and record yourself with the sequencer
  • Mix input for practicing with CD and MP3 players