DISC Tama Starclassic Bubinga 22'' 3 Piece Shell Pack, Satin Bubinga

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  • Die-Cast Hoops
  • Claw Hooks
  • Bass Drum Spur Bracket
  • Air Cushioned Floor Tom Legs
  • Evans Heads

DISC Tama Starclassic Bubinga 22'' 3 Piece Shell Pack, Satin Bubinga


The Tama Starclassic Bubinga 3-Piece Shell Pack includes a 22'' x 16'' bass drum, 12'' x 9'', and a 16'' x 16'' floor tom. This shell pack features African bubinga wood, claw hooks, bass drum spur bracket, an air cushioned floor tom legs, and evans drum heads.

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African Bubinga Wood

Tama found that something in African bubinga wood, which is approximately 53% harder than maple and birch. The Starclassic Bubinga shells are marginally thicker than those in Tama's Starclassic maple series. The African Bubinga wood gives more aggressive attack, fuller deep/dark tones, more powerful resonance, and unbelievably rich, fat lows. The drum shells are made from 8-ply bubinga wood and one outer ply maple shell for a high quality finish.

Star-Cast Mounting System

The Star-Cast Mounting System always provides maximum resonance and stability for Tama's pro-drums. With a more streamlined design, it is easier to position the toms closer together. It has been switched to aluminum, providing lighter weight and even truer tonal vibration. The Star-Cast plating matches your drum's shell hardware.

Die-cast Hoops

The hoops affect drum tuning and drum sound, which is why the choice of hoops was important to the designers of Tama's professional drum lines. The Starclassic Bubinga has zinc die-cast hoops, manufactured by injecting molten metal into molds. Die-cast hoops are more dense and more consistent in shape than triple-flanged hoops, manufactured by bending metal plates. Die-cast hoops offer crisper attack, clear and resonant highs and much more powerful rim shots.

Claw Hooks

The Starclassic's claw hooks feature rubber spacers that help to prevent damage to the wood hoops. They work as one unit and won't separate or rattle, however loosely tuned.

Air Pocket Rubber Feet

Starclassic's Air Pocket rubber feet have a special air chamber, which cancels the transfer of vibrations to the floor (which chokes sustain and sound) and absorbs shock.


  • 22" x 16" kick drum
  • 12" x 9" rack tom
  • 16" x 16" floor tom
  • Evans Heads
  • Bass Drum Spur Bracket
  • Air Cushioned Floor Tom Legs
  • Star-Cast mounting system


  • 22 x 16'' Kick Drum
  • 12 x 9'' Tom
  • 16 x 16'' Floor Tom