DISC Korg Pitch Jack Guitar Tuner, Red

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  • Accurate Tuning Every Time
  • Plug Directly Into Your Instrument And Start Tuning
  • Supports Flat Tuning, Seven-String Guitars, Six-String Basses
  • Built-In LED For Tuning In Dark Spaces
  • Small Enough To Fit On Your Keychain

DISC Korg Pitch Jack Guitar Tuner, Red


The Korg Pitch Jack Guitar Tuner is a compact, folding tool that enables accurate tuning every time. Plug it directly into your instrument and start tuning, with its built-in jack input and LED folding screen. The LED screen provides visual confirmation, as well as visability during dark applications. Flat tuning is also featured with this device, letting you tune your guitar as much as seven semitones below standard tuning. With its compact, folding design, the Korg Pitch Jack Guitar Tuner can fit in any guitar case, and even have a permanent home on your keychain.

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View Full Description

Plugs Directly into your Guitar

With its built-in jack you can simply plug directly into your guitar or bass, turn on the power and you are ready to tune. It is the ideal accessory for any guitarist or bassist due to its compact design, and easy-to-use function.

Compact Design

Its ergonomic folding design allows you to adjust the viewing angle of the display to easily tune you instrument. This versatile design feature allows it to be used anywhere, and also folds down for safe and convenient carrying, providing you with a reliable sound every time. The super-compact Pitch jack is small enough to have a home on your keychain, or even in your guitar case.

LED for Dark Applications

Visual confirmation of the tuning is easily visible with an LED indicator that shows the string number of the guitar or bass as well as the tuning status. This LED screen also ensures greater visibility even in dark locations such as poorly lit stages, or nighttime events.

Supports Flat Tunings

As well as providing quick and accurate tuning for standard guitars and basses, the Korg Pitch Jack Guitar Tuner also supports seven-string guitars (7B through 1E) and six-string basses (Low B- Hi C). Flat tuning is also featured with this device, letting you tune your guitar as much as seven semitones below standard tuning.


  • A guitar and bass tuner that plugs directly into your instrument jack
  • Flat tuning mode allows for tuning seven semitones below original pitch
  • Tunes seven-string guitars and six-string basses
  • Simple and portable design that you can attach to your keychain or fit in your pocket
  • LED flash light for on-stage illumination


  • Scale: 12 note equal temperament
  • Detection Range : [[GUITAR] B1 bbbbbbb(41.20 Hz) -- B6 (1975.54 Hz),[BASS] B0 bbbbbbb (20.60 Hz) -- B5 (987.77 Hz)
  • Flat Tuning: down to 7 semitones
  • Detection Accuracy: ±1 cent
  • Connector: Input jack (mono 1/4" jack)
  • Power Supply: one CR2032 lithium battery
  • Battery Life: approximately 35 hours (tuner operating, A4 continuous input)
  • Dimensions:(W x D x H): 31× 137 × 28 mm/ 1.22” × 5.39”× 1.1”
  • Weight: 31g/ 0.07lbs (including battery)
  • Colour: Red
  • Accessories: one lithium battery (CR2032) for verifying operation