DISC sE Electronics IRF 2 Instrument Reflexion Filter

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  • sE Instrument Mic Reflexion Filter
  • Ideal With Piano, Drums and Wind Instruments
  • Isolate Mic From Room Noise & Interference
  • Use With Almost Any Mic Inc Pencil Mic
  • Tiltable Stand Clamp

DISC sE Electronics IRF 2 Instrument Reflexion Filter

Ideal for use with pianos, drums and wind instruments, the Instrument Reflexion Filter 2 (IRF2) is an evolution of the critically acclaimed Instrument Reflexion Filter. With a punched hole to provide compatibility for various mics, the sE Electronics IRF 2 Instrument Reflexion Filter packs high performance into a compact design.

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Isolation from Unwanted Interference

Using the same acoustic principles as the Reflexion Filter PRO, the sE IRF2 is a small curved wall of punched Aluminium, with 3 layers of polyester fibreboard separated with air gaps. These layers combine to help reduce room ambience and isolate your mic from any unwanted interference.

Compatible With a Wide Range of Popular Mics

The Instrument Reflexion Filter has a hole punched through it to allow a pencil mic or other 'end fire' mic to be fixed through it. It is compatible with a wide range of popular mics including the AKG C1000, Shure SM58/57, sE4, sE1a and H1. The IRF2 is coloured black for use in either a studio or discreet use in a live environment.

Ideal for Close and Overhead Miking

The main applications of the sE IRF2 include close miking of drums (to help with track separation) or overhead miking. Alternatively, if you are working with vertical vocal micing, you might want to try the RF-X, or for more specialised vocal mic positioning, the RF-Pro.


  • Black colour (ideal for live use)
  • Large diameter hole to fit all major mic shapes (fits all major mic products including; AKG C1000, Shure SM58/57, sE4, sE1a, H1)
  • Screw thread adjustable mic-clamp allows secure fixing of even the smallest pencil mics
  • Rubber lined aperture to help grip the mic and protect it from scratches
  • Tiltable stand clamp for direct attachment and adjustment on any mic or drum stand
  • Incorporates many Reflexion Filter features in a conveniently sized package
  • Perfect for all of the areas where the original RF would not fit
  • Isolates the microphone using three layers of polyester fiberboard separated by air gaps, with a punched aluminum wall for diffusion
  • Includes a provision to mount small diaphragm pencil mics through the center of the arc
  • Brings tighter, punchier, and more detailed character to any recording


  • Weight: 1.5 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 7.75" W, 7.5" H, 4.0 " D
  • Hole Diameter: 1.125"