DISC sE Electronics Stand 2 Large Pro Studio Mic Stand

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DISC sE Electronics Stand 2 Large Pro Studio Mic Stand


SE were always being asked by their high end clients where they could get hold of true professional quality mic stands. When they started to try and source them for customers they found only one or two companies making hi spec products, but charging huge prices for each stand!

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So SE went back to the drawing board, old school designs, and built heavy duty stands made to last; stands made to take heavly loads without wobbling around like a twig in the breeze with your expensive mic on them; stands made to the same industrial build quality they make all of their products.

All our stands are finished in solid brushed Aluminum with stainless steel fixings, and come double sprung loaded in every boom to protect your precious mic if you accidently (as we all do from time to time) drop the mic boom when you have the fastenings undone.

The end result? a very beautiful, very rugged stand for all levels from project studio to broadcast and commercial studios, meeting the best standards in the world but at a fraction of the cost.


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