iZotope Stutter Edit Virtual Effect Plugin

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  • Advanced Stutter/Glitch Plug In Effect
  • Slice, Repeat and More with Stutter Module
  • Generator Module Creates Impressive Sweeps
  • Powerful Filter, Delay, Bit Reduction and Lo-Fi Modules
  • AAX, RTAS, VST, VST3 and AU Formats

iZotope Stutter Edit Virtual Effect Plugin

IZotope Stutter Edit is a unique effect plug in which allows you to create interesting glitch patterns and sweeping sound effects to flourish your mixes. Whether used in the studio or live Stutter edit provides a vast amount of control and manipulation allowing you to achieve a range of impressive sounds priory only achievable through advanced DAW editing. Compatible with both Mac and Pc and provided in a range of formats (AAX, RTAS, VST, AU) iZotope Stutter Edit is a powerful tool for musicians, producers, sound deisgners and DJ's.

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Full Description

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Stutter Module

The Stutter module is a powerful and versatile audio processing module which allows you to slice and repeat audio to create a unique glitch (staccato) effect often found in contemporary songs. With a huge range of note values to create your pattern around the Stutter module cleverly syncs to the track bpm allowing perfectly in time glitch effects

Paradigm and Effects

Inject new colours and textures into your music with the impressive real-time audio effects built right in to Stutter Edit engine. Featuring a real-time paradigm Stutter edit provides a clear and accurate wave representation whilst the option to combine filter sweeps with beat repeats, delays with reverse swoops or bit crushers with granular break-downs allows you to focus your time on the music instead of the meticulous hours editing.

Generator Module

Whilst the Stutter module processes audio the Generator module can be used to mix noises and crashes with your track. The Generator gives you the ideal tool for creating washes of noise, dramatic build-ups, and hits that add excitement to a track.

For live applications such as DJ sets simply choose where you want the Generator Gesture to end, and no matter where you trigger it, it will intelligently stop on the perfect beat. You can even hold a Generator Gesture as you jump between different Stutter Gestures.


"The quality of the sounds that it creates, the ease of use and the sheer amount of fun that can be had all combine to form one of the most exciting plug-ins we've tested for quite some time."

Music Tech Magazine

"I found that this plug in was near enough all I needed for playing out electronic music in a live context, and it's also been a constant source of inspiration in the studio...The GUI is fantastic, with a fine degree of visual feedback as you trigger effects and blasts of noise."

Sound On Sound

"Stutter Edit is the Rolls Royce of glitch effects, guaranteeing that your freaky transitions get from A to B in style."

Computer Music


  • Play stutter sound effects like an instrument
  • Remix in real-time, on stage or in the studio
  • Cutting edge audio slicing and manipulation
  • Create incredible frequency sweeps with the Generator Module
  • Repeat and slice audio at a rhythmic values with Stutter Module
  • Create LFO style modulation with the Filter Module
  • Fly from a subtle chorus to a springy rubber-band effect with the deep Delay Module
  • Add in digital distortion crunch or add a periodic growl using the Bit Reduction Module
  • Adjust the settings to get a "vintage digital" vibe or bury the whole track in fuzz in the Lo-Fi Module
  • Create stepping effects that transform your audio into complex rolls, trills and even arpeggios, using the Quantize Module
  • Grid feature automatically corrects your timing when performing effects live
  • Perfect for laptop performers, producers, sound designers and musicians
  • Elegant and intuitive MIDI control allows for simple setup, letting you focus on your music and your sound
  • Super low CPU and rock solid stability allows for reliable live use


System Requirements

  • Windows: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
  • Mac: OS X 10.6 or Later
  • Plug-In Formats: AAX 64, RTAS, VST, VST3, AU
  • Supported Hosts: Logic, Ableton Live, Pro Tools (7.4-11), Sonar, Cubase/Nuendo (4 or <), FL Studio, Reaper, Digital Performer

Please Note: Stutter Edit requires a MIDI input from the HOST Software.